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my favorite recipesHi, my name is Michel and I hate wasting time in the kitchen. If I don’t have to be there, I would rather not.

I just feel that it is such a waste having to spend all that time slaving away cooking in the kitchen only to have the food you make gobbled up in less than five minutes.

So let me get this through to you that I am in no way a lover of cooking or an expert cook by any means. However cooking is like work – it is something that I have to do, otherwise my family and I would all be sick and unhealthy living on takeaways.

This is why I am compiling a website with all my favourite recipes that are quick and easy, as we all know there are better things to do in life than spend every waking moment in the kitchen.

These are recipes and gadgets that I use to save time, as we all know that there is a life outside the kitchen.

If you love to be in the kitchen cooking, then you won’t find long lengthy or fancy recipes here, but I admire you.




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The Disney Domain – My dream is to visit Disney Land one of these days, so this website is about everything Disney.

Knitting For Profit – Another of my hobbies that I like to blog about.

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