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Amazing Tips On How To Make Cooking For A Lot Of People Easy

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cooking for a lotIf you have been assigned as the go-to person for cooking for a lot of people, don’t panic, as here are some tips to guide you through this ordeal.

Well maybe if you love cooking, it won’t be an ordeal, but I myself have heart palpitations just thinking about it.

Tips For Cooking For A Lot Of People


If you are cooking for a lot, then planning is essential and it is the greatest secret to cooking for a crowd.

You will need to plan your menu first, and this will be your guide to planning everything else.

Once you have decided what you are going to cook, the next thing is making that shopping list and checking you have all the equipment needed to cook up a feast.

Make sure that you buy enough food to feed a number of people that will be attending.

You will also need to make sure that the pots that you are using are big enough so that you can do it all in one go. If you don’t do this often, it is not worth while buying pots, so ask your church if you can hire a couple from them. Maybe you are even lucky enough to know someone who you can borrow from.

If you are following a recipe, you will need to double, triple or even quadruple it.

Start your plan at least a week before the event, and in this way, you will have enough time to get everything together and check if there are any additional items that you will need before the big day comes.

Decide What Takes Longer to cook?

It is best to cook the food that takes the longest first. The day before is great, as you will then make more room in your fridge and on your stove on the big day.

Cooking too many dishes at the same time can be very draining, and you may even end up making mistakes.

Plan a Timetable

When cooking for a lot, it is best to allocate time for each dish. If for instance, you have a roast cooked in two hours, the next dish should be ready to go in as the roast comes out.

This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and at a good pace.

Keep in mind that you need to have extra time to freshen up or prepare and arrange the food on the table before the event. Never make last minute preparations. Always have everything ready ahead of time.

Keep in mind that cooking for a lot is no joke. You are dealing with numbers here and adjusting recipes according to the quantity that you need may not be easy. Hence, you need to have a great plan to carry out everything effectively.

Happy cooking.

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