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Easy Cremora Tart Recipe

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This easy Cremora Tart recipe is one that I make often. It is super simple and quick and tastes great.

It is almost like a lemon meringue tart, but with a slightly different taste, and of course no meringue. Go ahead and try it – wait for the compliments!

cremora tart

Serving Suggestion

Easy Cremora Tart Recipe

You Will Need:

1 cup of cremora or coffee creamer

1/2 cup boiling water

1 tin Condensed Milk

125 ml lemon juice


1 packet Tennis Biscuits

50 ml margarine

a pinch of cinnamon


Crush the Tennis Biscuits and mix with melted margarine and cinnamon.

Line a pie dish with this mixture and press flat.


Mix the Cremora or coffee creamer with the boiling water and then cool.

Beat with a beater and add Condensed Milk and then while beating add the lemon juice.

Beat until stiff.

Pour over the biscuits and refrigerate.

Decorate your Cremora Tart with biscuit crumbs or fruit.  It is also just as good plain.

This Cremora Tart is delicious with tea or as a desert.

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