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Different Pasta Shapes Go With Different Sauces

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Did you know that pasta comes in different shapes for a reason? Different pasta shapes go with different sauces, so here is a quick guide as to the best shapes to use with the different sauces.

You really want to pick the pasta shape that gives your sauce the best coverage. Because sauce should stick to the pasta, not the plate!

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 What Sauces Go With The Different Pasta Shapes

Penne and Rigate aka the pipedreams will capture thicker sauces as you see above.

Thin, round rod-like pasta like spaghetti will get the best out of your tomato-based sauces.

Chunky veggie sauces go well with short pasta like pasta shells or screws to get deliciousness stuck in all the right crevices.

Wide, flat kinds of pasta are the landing strips to the creamy sauces. The wider they are, the heavier the sauce.

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Or if you don’t want to keep your pantry stocked, try making your own fresh homemade pasta.


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