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Easy Fish Pie Recipe

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easy fish pie recipeThis easy fish pie recipe could also be renamed easy chicken pie recipe, as you can use either fish or chicken, and the pie is absolutely delicious.

You can freeze this easy fish pie recipe once made, and it is great to pull out when unexpected guests arrive.


2 – 3 Cloves of garlic

2 T Chopped parsley

4 T Butter

2 Cups Wholewheat crumbs (Fresh See Bread is Best)

Stir fry the garlic and parsley in butter.

Add the bread crumbs and mix well.

Line an oven proof dish 22-25cm with crumb mixture and leave in the fridge to firm while preparing the filling.


400 g Cooked sliced chicken breasts or skinned flaked haddock

1 250g Tub of smooth cottage cheese

2 Xtra large eggs

1T Flour

2 Medium Onions chopped and sauteed in 1.5T butter

Dash of Tobasco

2 T Lemon Juice or Wine Vinegar

2.5 ml sugar

salt to taste

1 cup Grated cheese (half strong cheddar)

Add Chopped peppadews if you like.

In fact, you can change this recipe around a lot.


1 cup Cheese

0.5 cup Breadcrumbs

2.5 paprika


Mix the filling ingredients together and dish into the prepared crust.

Toss all the topping ingredients together and sprinkle over the pie.

Bake this easy fish pie recipe for 20 – 25 minutes at 180 degrees until golden brown and firm.



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