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Pressure Cooker Pasta Recipes

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pressure cooker pasta recipesBefore I give you these pressure cooker pasta recipes, here are some tips to keep in mind when attempting to cook pasta in your pressure cooker.

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to do pressure cooker pasta recipes, and most times you cook the pasta in very little water with the sauce, which saves on both water, time and electricity.

You can feed hungry mouths very quickly by using pressure cooker pasta recipes, and the pressure cooker or hot pot works brilliantly as long as you follow these few basic rules:

Tip No. 1:

Choose your pasta carefully. Short pasta takes 8 -12 minutes if cooked conventionally, so these are good choices for a pressure cooker. (penne, rigatoni, fusilli, macaroni).

Be careful with farfalle and conchiglie (shells), as they tend to stick together and cook unevenly. Spaghetti is also not ideal for this method. If you do use spaghetti, break into smaller pieces first. You can try the ‘nests’ of pasta, but they are sometimes hard to find. If your pasta isn’t cooked withing 6 minutes, add any remaining ingredients and leave to steam covered for a couple of minutes.

Tip No. 2:

If you are making a sauce with tomatoes, do not stir once you have poured them over the other ingredients as they can inhibit cooking. Try adding some cream cheese at the end, as this helps thicken up the sauce and gives the kids a bit of extra protein.

You can also bake any of the pasta recipes in the oven afterward with cheese sprinkled on top.

Tip No 3:

If you cook lasagne in the pressure cooker, simply layer it up as normal, cook at high pressure for 25 minutes, then sprinkle with cheese and brown under a grill.

Mexican lasagne also works well by layering up tomato sauce, black bean chili, sweet corn, creme fraiche, cheese, and tortillas.

Tip No 4:

If you want to just cook the pasta as the sauce is already made, you can still use this method.

Simply put the pasta in the pressure cooker, season with salt and pepper, add a tablespoon of il to help prevent foaming and almost cover with water (or stock if you prefer). Cook for 6 minutes at high pressure.

Do a quick release but be careful as it is possible that the foam may push its way up through the valves, so it is better to fast release using the cold water method. (running cold water over the lid of the cooker). Pour your sauce over to heat it through if you want to completely combine the sauce with the pasta.

Pressure Cooker Pasta Recipes

Here is a basic tomato pasta recipe, and below I have included some things that you can add to your pasta.

Tip:  If you add a pinch of ground cinnamon to tomato sauces, it helps bring sweetness to the sauce without having to add any sugar.

You Will Need:

2 tbsp olive oil

pinch of ground cinnamon

100g cream cheese (optional)

1 onion finely chopped

3 garlic cloves finely chopped

1 sprig of thyme

250g dried short pasta

400g tin of chopped tomatoes

salt and freshly ground pepper


Coat the base of the pressure cooker with olive oil. Cook the onion and garlic over a low heat until softened then add the thyme and cinnamon.

Add the dried pasta, pour over the tomatoes, then rinse the tin out with water and pour this over too. Remember not to stir again now that the tomatoes have been added.

Add enough water that the pasta is almost but not quite covered, then season generously with salt and black pepper.

Close the lid, bring up to a high pressure and cook for 6 minutes. Release the pressure quickly, then stir everything together, adding the cream cheese if using. Rest for around 3 minutes loosely covered just to let the flavor settle.

Other things to add to your Pressure Cooker Pasta Recipes

Chilli Flakes

Shrimp – fry before you do the onions the onion and return to the cooker after the pasta has cooked. Add some fennel.

Meatballs – Fry the meatballs before the onion, then remove and place on top of the pasta before cooking at pressure.

Vegetables–  Fine dice whatever you have eg. carrots, courgettes, squash or celery and fry at the beginning with the onion. Some will keep their shape and others will disintegrate into the sauce.

Picante Chorizo – Fry with onion and garlic with some hot and sweet paprika and red wine, then cook as above.

Although the hot pot styled pressure cooker is the way to go, if you want to test the waters without spending a fortune, here are some pressure cookers that you can purchase online for about $30. Simply click on the picture to find out more.

pressure cooker pasta recipespressure cooker pasta recipespressure cooker pasta recipes

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