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South African Recipes – Bobotie

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south african recipesHere are two South African Recipes for South African Bobotie.

Bobotie is a really popular dish in South Africa, as it is tasty and cheap to make, and best of all, it is quick and easy.

Here are two different versions of the South African Bobotie Recipe:

South African Bobotie Recipe Number 1:

Group A

20ml ground ginger

30ml soft brown sugar

10ml curry powder

15ml turmeric

10ml salt

1ml pepper

60ml margarine

5 medium onions, chopped

Group B

2 slices white bread, soaked in water

1kg lean beef mince

150ml seedless raisins

60ml chutney

30ml smooth apricot jam

30ml vinegar

30ml Worcester sauce

30ml tomato paste

Group C

375ml milk

2 eggs

fresh lemon leaves or bay leaves

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius

Heat all the dry ingredients in Group A in a heavy-based saucepan, taking care not to burn them.

Add the margarine and the onions and saute until the onions are soft.

Squeeze the water from the bread and stir all the ingredients in group B into the onion mixture.

Cook for 20 minutes stirring from time to time, over a low heat.

Beat the milk and eggs together and pour over the meat.

Press a few lemon or bay leaves into the mixture and bake for 45 minutes.

Serve hot.


South African Bobotie Recipe Number 2:

2 slices of brown bread

200ml milk

2 onions, finely chopped

25ml oil

25ml curry powder

5ml turmeric

5ml flavour enhancer

2ml pepper

500g lean mince

30ml chutney

2 eggs

125ml chopped dried apricots

1 green apple grated

75ml seedless raisins

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Soak the bread in the milk.

Fry the onions in oil and add the lemon juice.

Stir in the curry powder, turmeric, flavour enhancer and pepper.

Squeeze the milk from the bread and reserve the milk.

All the bread to the onion mix.

Add the mince, chutney, apricots, egg, grated apple and raisins and cook for 20 minutes over a low heat.

Spoon the mixture into a greased ovenproof dish.

Mix the remaining egg with the reserved milk and it pour over the meat mixture.

Bake for 30 minutes.


Please let me know below which one is the best tasting South African Bobotie out of the two South African Recipes above in your opinion.


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